About Hysopt

Our goals


1. Better HVAC performance

Hysopt is a spin-off from the University of Antwerp: our technology has been developed on the basis of years of research. We want to use our software to optimise HVAC installation performance levels on a large scale. We do this by supporting installation companies and engineering offices with powerful, user-friendly engineering software and services.


2. Lower costs, higher margins

We offer added insights into the design and ultimate system performance levels of hydronic installations. This means we can significantly increase margins for installers and make the HVAC sector more sustainable. Energy savings can fluctuate between 10 and 50%, and be even higher for new build projects.


3. Always make the right choice

The ultimate hydraulic design is exceptionally clear, as are the KPIs. Mapping out the various KPIs for every design enables the client to make a quantitative evaluation of their installation’s energy consumption, thermal comfort and control behaviour, and so make the right choices.

4. Better installations

The current working method in the HVAC market is to focus mainly on price and reputation, without taking the real system performance into account. We’re changing this by also measuring installation performance levels.

5. Sustainable future

This new design method being pioneered by Hysopt ensures a sustainable future. Precise calculations for all components lead you to the best combinations, and we’re constantly developing our software further and sharing our expertise and know-how with our clients.


Roel Vandenbulcke

Roel Vandenbulcke is our founder and CEO. He’s an expert in the field of HVAC technology. In his academic past, he spent several years researching how to improve the performance of heating and cooling installations. As CEO of Hysopt, he wants to share this knowledge as much as possible across the sector to aid the transition to a sustainable future.


Bert Jansen

Bert Jansen is CFO at Hysopt. He has over 30 years’ experience in financial management with various market leaders in a range of sectors. Past employers include PWC, Rabobank, KBC, Bank Van Breda, Johnson Controls, Herfurth Group, etc. His main focus is strategic thinking to provide the board of directors with accurate management information, ensuring the necessary funding and fulfilment of all administrative and bookkeeping requirements.


Kristof Smits

Kristof Smits is CTO at Hysopt, with 15 years’ experience in high-tech software development. Together with his team, he uses his experience to translate customer expectations into intelligent algorithms, simulations and new features for the Hysopt software. Passionate about technology, he guarantees a successful, high-quality and user-friendly software package.


Noël Bellen

Noël Bellen has held various local, European and global sales, marketing and general management roles in the hardware and software, services, and consumer and audiovisual goods sectors. He began his career with his own company, BellCom, and worked for Ingram Micro, IBM, Fujitsu, Care4Data, Dell, Plantronics, Barco, SCIA and THEO Technologies before coming to manage the Hysopt sales team in 2020.

What can you expect?


energy cost savings


better performance


less mistakes


Digital twin of your P&ID