Client Case: Palais du Midi – Brussels

Optimisation of new pumps installation for a historic building


Hysopt Software optimised the small heating network (dating from 1980) of a 5,2MW historic building. The building owner planned a “like for like” replacement of all old pumps, with an initial foreseen investment of €80.000 for 19 new pumps. This initial “like for like” replacement would save up to 50% in pump energy usage.

However, the analysis of Hysopt showed a possible reduction up to 95%. By simulating, optimising and designing the real-world hydraulic system, Hysopt was able to propose a more ideal system.

A clear case where “good practice” and “rules of thumb” are not the perfect way to design an optimal system. A total of 16 pumps could be removed, whilst the remaining pumps could be made smaller in size.  Secondly, the return temperatures could be lowered, increasing the efficiency of the boilers. The final investment would only be €12.000,- with an even lower operational energy cost and higher carbon reductions.

Hysopt managed to optimise the “like-for-like” replacement, lowering the initial pump investment cost with 85%, whilst maintaining comfort, lowering the operational energy cost and reducing carbon emissions!

Results for Palais du Midi

By optimising the new hydraulic system before installation, fewer pumps were installed and return temperatures could be lowered, resulting in a reduction in CO2 emissions and yearly pump energy costs.