The Hysopt Sensitivity Analysis

Hysopt is proud to announce its latest addition to the software: the Sensitivity Analysis.

As an HVAC systems designer, have you ever been in doubt about how much power a heat pump will need, which is the most optimal size for a thermal store, or how your system will perform when you lower the supply temperature? From now on, the new Sensitivity Analysis feature of the Hysopt software allows you to immediately investigate how certain design changes affect the overall system performance.

Thanks to the computational power of our cloud servers, our software can now help you make the right design choices more efficiently and guide you towards the most optimal system design faster than ever before.



For an in-depth presentation of the Sensitivity Analysis and the recently introduced Inspiration Library, we would like to invite you to watch our webcast.



The Sensitivity Analysis allows you to make multiple variants of your model, each with minor parameter changes.

Next, all design computations and simulations will be executed automatically and simultaneously for all variants.

As a final step, the results of these simulations can be compared in our recently introduced Pareto analysis dashboard,
so you can find the most optimal alternative for your needs.


Please take a look at the Hysopt Wiki for a detailed overview on working with the Sensitivity Analysis.