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5 ingredients for successful implementation of heat pumps in non-domestic buildings

The new Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme is providing 100% capital grants for energy efficiency and heat decarbonisation projects for non-domestic public sector buildings in England. Decarbonising heat is the UK’s biggest challenge to achieving net zero emissions. Learn how to successfully implement heat pumps in non-domestic buildings. Download our free e-book!

  • Significant reduction of carbon emissions 
  • High Energy Cost Savings 
  • Generate perfect Comfort in all buildings at all time high 
  • Have Complete control over your installation 

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Testimonial: City of Brussels

Hysopt is working with public sector bodies in Belgium, The Netherlands and the UK (e.g. Mid Essex NHS Trust, University of Edinburgh) to help them achieve their energy and carbon reduction targets.

Joris De Leeuw, is head of the special technology department at the City of Brussels. In this video he explains what Hysopt has done for the City of Brussels and how they continue to save energy.

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