Price model

Price model

Pay as you use

Hysopt software works using the pay-as-you-use principle and is result-linked. So you only pay when Hysopt can create real value for your project. We look at what Hysopt engineering software’s technical features can do for your HVAC installations in an exploratory meeting. We run through a project together with you based on specific figures, and calculate how much the software could save you. This provides a good overview of the various features, and demonstrates various benefits such as energy and cost savings and increased comfort.

Get started

We want to make sure everyone can use our software in their organisation in the best way possible, which is why we offer Hysopt with various modules and licence options:

  • Quick Start option: we start by running through a project of your choice with the software. Your organisation has access to our software for one month, and our Hysopt consultants are available to you for five days professional support. We provide you with tips and answer all your questions, so you don’t need to follow any specific training.
  • Software & Support option: You buy our software in combination with the number of hours of professional support you need. You can count on our expertise at all times, whenever you find it necessary.
  • Software & Training option: You follow our intensive, 3-day training at the Hysopt Academy, where we show you the best way to get started with our engineering software.


Hysopt is a software-as-a-service, accessible from any device with an internet connection. You can create your own login and get started with it straight away. The software runs on our servers, and is updated for free every fortnight, so there’s never any need for downloads or long installation procedures. Computer power isn’t a problem; Hysopt runs securely in the super-fast cloud. You pay for a basic annual licence which gives the whole organisation unlimited use.

Stay up to date

We regularly post innovative concepts online in the Hysopt Inspiration Library, which is available to all our paying users. You can find inspiration for various system concepts and installation variants here, and use these concepts directly in your project. This means we can share our expertise and know-how with clients as much as possible.

Want to talk?

Do you want to discover what Hysopt can do for your organisation? Please contact us via the contact form or send us an email.