Installation companies

Get the most out of your heating and cooling installations

As an installer, it’s your job to be concerned with energy consumption, thermal comfort and the way your customers’ cooling and heating systems behave. We can help you install optimised systems using unique design software that we’ve developed specifically for the HVAC sector.

The powerful, user-friendly design software provides a detailed representation of possible hydraulic installation designs and optimal system performance levels. This means you avoid designing over-dimensioned installations and so can limit your customers’ investments. This leads to big savings and more comfort, quality and durability.

The benefits for installation companies

1. No guesswork

No guesswork with Hysopt. The software ensures correct dimensioning and transparent reporting. We eliminate the need for rules of thumb and the unnecessary inclusion of margins, so your final design matches the wishes and requirements of your client or building manager as much as possible.

2. Energy efficient

Hysopt always calculates the optimal components for your installation, so everything makes good, practical sense. This leads to big energy savings.

3. Cost and time saving

Hysopt ensures you can commission your installation much faster because it simplifies finding the optimal component configuration. This saves you lots of time and means you avoid unnecessary costs resulting from sub-optimally configured components.

4. Digital model for customers

When the work is done, you can provide customers with a digital as-built dossier of their installation. This is a huge benefit for clients and building facility managers who want to service or extend their installations at a later date.


How does the software work?

1. Design

All water-based (hydronic) installations start with a detailed design. The intuitive Hysopt software uses a model library and pre-programmed hydraulic circuits to build a visual representation of the installation, and reports design faults so you can adjust the hydronic installation model straight away.

2. Optimise

The software optimises the design of the hydronic installation in every phase by always calculating the right equipment with the most suitable parameters. Hysopt uses advanced algorithms to calculate all the installation components automatically, so you can select the ideal combination of components for your installation at full load conditions.

3. Simulate

Hysopt calculates how the installation will behave under partial load by subjecting it to variable conditions, such as the weather. It uses dynamic simulations to help you evaluate the design’s energy consumption, thermal comfort and control behaviour.

4. Evaluate

When the calculations have been made, you can compare KPIs for different hydronic designs and evaluate the investment required as well as the energy consumption, thermal comfort and control behaviour for your design. The software determines very clearly which designs best meet client requirements.

The price tag?

Hysopt is software-as-a-service – accessible from any device with an internet connection. You pay for a basic annual licence which provides the whole organisation with unlimited use. There’s also a project fee which is calculated on the basis of the full-load output power and settled with the customer.

What your fellow installers think of it


'The software doesn’t think for us, but it does help us find faults and optimise systems where necessary,’ says Maarten Diels, Project Engineer for Cegelec.

Van Tilburg Installatietechniek

'Thanks to Hysopt, we can test different scenarios in advance when it comes to the energy efficiency of the building,' says Jeroen Sturme, Project Engineer at Van Tilburg Installatietechniek.


'We can easily perform simulations with this tool. The tool also has a library of standard configurations, which makes our life much easier and means we can work much faster', says Bart allaert, Technical & Performance Director at Veolia

Interested in becoming a Hysopt partner?

Every installer who uses the Hysopt software automatically becomes a Hysopt partner and is given a place on our website. You can then refer to this on your website, so building managers can see straight away that you provide energy-efficient installations with maximum comfort and reduced maintenance costs for a competitive price.