18 Jan 2021 2020 in Review: a Difficult but Impactful year

It was a unique, difficult year for many people and companies. For us at Hysopt, it was the same. But, we are very proud of what we achieved. Despite everything, we succeeded in making a real difference for our planet.

18 Jan 2021 Client Case: Palais du Midi – Brussels

Hysopt Software optimized the small heating network from 1980 of the 5,2MW historic building. By optimising the new hydraulic system before installation, fewer pumps were installed and return temperatures could be lowered, resulting in a reduction in CO₂ emissions and yearly energy costs.

16 Dec 2020 Happy wishes for 2021 from Hysopt

The entire team at Hysopt wishes you a comfortable and healthy 2020, with low carbon emissions and low energy costs.  

30 Nov 2020 New talent joins the Hysopt team

We are delighted to announce that three new people have joined the Hysopt team! Christian, Kylie and Ligia will help Hysopt with expanding our activities to new horizons.

27 Nov 2020 Sanistage Heat Pump Booster in the Hysopt software

We are proud to announce that Thercon's Sanistage Heat Pump Booster has now been integrated into the Hysopt software.

31 Mar 2020 The Hysopt Sensitivity Analysis

Hysopt is proud to announce its latest addition to the software: the Sensitivity Analysis.

21 Feb 2020 Pareto Release

Hysopt is proud to announce a new release of its software. In this release, we are introducing the Pareto dashboard.

20 Feb 2020 Flamco products in the Hysopt software

Hysopt and Flamco are proud to announce that Flamco starts the cooperation with Hysopt and integrates its products in the Hysopt software.

12 Feb 2020 Hysopt wins CIBSE Building Perfomance Award!

We are very proud to announce that Hysopt won the CIBSE Building Performance Award in the category ‘Product or Innovation of the Year – Thermal Comfort’.