Arcade is an engineering firm that was established over 30 years ago. It initially focused on industrial projects but now it’s active in the public and private sectors too. ‘It’s important for us to be able to deliver a high-quality dossier to our customers, explains Kris Beniers, Head of Technology at Arcade.

Delivering quality is the biggest challenge

‘We’re always training our own people to deliver consistent quality, and we’ve always looked for software that minimises the margin for error in our search for calculation and design programs. When it comes to calculation packages, we have our own computational files which we’ve developed ourselves and use on a daily basis. We came across Hysopt in our search for a hydraulics solution.’

Time-saving and minimised margin for error

‘Hysopt’s main advantages are the time saved making the calculations on one hand, and the minimised margin for error on the other. Now we can be certain that the designs we propose will work effectively. We used to need several days or a week to do all the calculations for larger projects, for example for all the discharges, pipelines, diameters and so on, but now with Hysopt we can have everything ready in less than a day,’ explains Beniers.

Support from Hysopt

‘Another advantage is the support that Hysopt provides. We can ask questions via the software and they’re always answered very quickly, or we can contact Hysopt directly if we need to discuss more complex problems.’

Create an as-built dossier

‘The continued collaboration with Hysopt mainly concerns adding more calculations to the software and then applying them in practice. This enables us to create an as-built dossier for the contractors to show what work has been carried out and verify that everything’s been checked. We’re also looking forward to further software developments, especially in terms of ventilation and sanitary facilities,’ concludes Beniers.