Botec is an engineering firm based in Wommelgem that focuses mainly on the healthcare and housing construction sectors. It has 15 employees.

A hybrid boiler room is a big challenge

‘Designing boiler rooms used to be quite simple when all you needed were boilers and pumps,’ explains Tom Mertens, Project Manager at Botec. ‘But the emergence of hybrid boiler rooms has changed all this. Now you really need to look in detail at how you’re going to set up all the hydraulics, which takes a lot of time.’

General rules of thumb and Excel files no longer good enough

‘Until recently, we used design software to do all our basic calculations and had a few general rules of thumb and Excel, but that’s not good enough anymore. So we needed to look for something more powerful, and that’s how we came across Hysopt. Hysopt’s main advantage is the power the software has when it comes to calculating designs. We can use it to find issues we might not have noticed in the past, or which led to discussions, before we present any solutions to our customers or installers which we’re sure will work.’

Modular structure

‘The software benefits from having a modular structure, which means you can rebuild schematic diagrams really quickly. So you don’t need to start from scratch all over again when you’re doing a renovation or a subsequent calculation. It’s really quick too.’

Investments pay off

‘We’d definitely recommend Hysopt to building contractors and clients who need to be certain their workings for large projects add up. It’s not just the calculation and design, but also the subsequent costing that’s very important. This is how you make sure the many tens of thousands of euros that building contractors and clients invest in expensive pumps and energy exchangers actually pay off,’ concludes Mertens.