Boydens Engineering provides various types of technical installations for customers. From data centres to electrical and sanitary installations, engineers from the company based in Zedelgem are constantly looking at how to make their designs as sustainable as possible. In order to also extend this philosophy to its HVAC installations, Boydens works with Hysopt software. Nicolas Gotelaere, project manager for the company, explains why they’re so happy to work with this package.

The same quality in every phase of the project

In a landscape of increasingly complex installations, Boydens faces the challenge of incorporating the same quality and sustainability of its designs in their practical implementation. They also want to use Hysopt for their hybrid HVAC installations. ‘We were lacking the right tools, especially for a hybrid scenario. Until now we’ve always been able to cope with these challenges thanks to our experience and by using several software packages,’ explains Gotelaere. ‘But we didn’t have a comprehensive solution that worked all the way from design to implementation, and we wanted a tool we could use to select different components in each stage of the project. We ultimately came across Hysopt after doing some market research.’

HVAC installations optimised with facts

Gotelaere explains that the ability to select different components is crucial for delivering the best installations: ‘You don’t build an optimised system simply by gut feeling, but rather by using objective parameters. We can use the Hysopt software to create different versions of installations, each with different components, before simulating their energy consumptions and comparing them. We can do this both in the concept and implementation stages, so we’re certain our configurations are as economical as possible. We can also easily share our component selection with building managers or contractors, so we’re certain that everyone is on the same page and everything can run smoothly.’

Everyone Hysopt

They’re very happy with this tool at Boydens, and are sure it will become an established asset for them in the future. ‘We will sit together with our customers to look at how we can benefit from the application as much as possible. Contractors and building managers also want to join us on our Hysopt journey, which will really help improve the quality of our HVAC installations. The next ambitious project is to look at how we can map out existing buildings with Hysopt so we can identify and optimise the main energy consumption factors,’ concludes Gotelaere.