Caleffi is an international manufacturer of various heating systems and drinking water protections as well as renewable concepts. It has 17 branches and 1,300 employees worldwide, and supplies to over 80 countries on almost every continent.



‘Moving forwards, Caleffi wants to focus on the fact that we need to move towards sustainable systems,’ says Mauro Manfredi, General Manager at Caleffi International NV. ‘We all have ecological objectives that we need to achieve, which of course need to be economically viable, and I think we’re on the right track. We want to promote hydraulic adjustments, and do much more than just supply products. We therefore attach great significance to sustainable systems such as split-loop systems and heating networks, which are very important for reducing CO2 emissions.’

Software validates reasoning

‘We came into contact with Hysopt through a colleague about five years ago, and Roel Vandenbulcke came to give us a demonstration. That’s where it all started. We were very impressed because it was the first time we’d seen software that could actually calculate hydraulic adjustments and the dynamic behaviour of an installation, which had been a real point of frustration for us until then,’ explains Manfredi enthusiastically.

‘We already had the products and the system, but we didn’t have any software that could prove their strengths. Hysopt’s main advantage is that it’s a tool that enables us to argue the case for certain complex systems better in the conceptual phase, and we’re mainly talking about complex systems for the installer here. We can also use it to help convince project developers to make certain choices for a particular system.’

From conceptual level to follow-up

‘We supervise projects from start to finish,’ continues Manfredi. ‘This starts with working out a concept, continues with the delivery, and ends with the follow-up phase. We want to provide maximum support throughout the entire process, and this is included as part of the Caleffi care model available on our website,’


‘You can choose specific products and models in the component selection part of the Hysopt software, which is hugely advantageous in terms of saving time. Lots of technical parameters that you would otherwise need to enter manually are now simply provided for you when you select the products you want.’

‘We would recommend Hysopt because it’s an extension of our systems. The products we manufacture and the systems we recommend naturally gain a lot more traction when you can use software to demonstrate them to stakeholders,’ concludes a satisfied Manfredi.