Engie Cofely

ENGIE Cofely is a major player on the European market for technical site management and maintenance. Benoît Kelecom, Energy Efficiency Consultant for Operations Energy Transition at ENGIE Cofely, explains the challenges facing the company: ‘We aim to tackle our customers’ challenges in the same way we tackle our own. The main issues we’re facing these days are economic and energetic ones, but environmental challenges are also very important. Within the Energy Transition division, we have a global overview that allows us to control, analyse and ultimately improve how our installations operate, as well as avoid financial problems, based on usage data.’

More energy-efficiency and financial profit

Benoît Kelecom explains how Hysopt helps: ‘We became familiar with Hysopt after having a few issues with some building installations. After consulting with customers, we realised we needed some software to help us explain the difficulties which we understood intuitively, but couldn’t quantify. I think the main benefits of Hysopt aren’t just its static simulations, but also the dynamic simulations of hydraulic systems. The first question our customers ask when there’s a problem is always because they don’t understand what’s causing it. Dossiers with as-built plans often get lost or are no longer accurate, and the Hysopt simulation allows us to coherently restore dossiers that have gone missing. We can also use Hysopt to perfect existing systems and find other issues, which benefits us in terms of energy-efficiency and so also financial profit. This is something we’ve never been able to do before with other software, until now.’

Hysopt software evolves with you

‘I would recommend Hysopt because it’s a tool we’ve been able to resolve a long series of issues with, and which keeps a record of solutions so they can be used again when needed. It’s not a tool that stands still, so it allows you to keep evolving. That’s the biggest problem we encounter with installations; they’re fixed according to the design, and haven’t evolved, even though the situation has worsened. The Hysopt tool overcomes this issue,’ explains Kelecom.

Optimising an existing system

‘We received a specific request to update a hydraulic system in quite an old hospital. The project involved integrating CHP in the system, with all the difficulties that brings with it. The CHP system needed to have very low return temperatures, which is uncommon in hospitals because there can be problems with Legionella, and relatively high temperatures are needed to produce domestic hot water. We would never have been able to achieve this result without using dynamic software. But even better, we didn’t just achieve the return temperature we wanted; we were also able to demonstrate that there other are ways to make savings that went beyond the initial request. It was a real optimisation of the existing system.’

Perfect collaboration with Hysopt and fast online support

‘Our collaboration with Hysopt runs perfectly. We might have some issue or other occasionally, but Hysopt’s online support always helps us resolve any problems. To give a concrete example of something that cropped up recently: we had a new device that wasn’t in the Hysopt library. We explained this to Hysopt, and they got to work setting it up so we could use it straight away. Hysopt is therefore a tool that genuinely evolves as it encounters issues in practice.’