Giacomini is an Italian manufacturer of components for climate systems. It’s a group consisting of almost 1,000 people, with twenty branches around the world, making products such as climate ceilings and underfloor heating. ‘We’re now also working on products such as satellites for central boiler rooms and heating networks, and since recently we’ve had a system for energy storage in hydrogen too,’ says Wim Gijbels, Business Developer for Flanders and the Netherlands at Giacomini.

Unburdening the installer

‘Our main challenge is to make better products and installations to achieve climate objectives,’ explains Gijbels. ‘A further challenge is to create a system from the various components we make, and to ensure the installer only has one point of contact. We’re taking this challenge on by investing heavily in knowledge and expertise. For example, we’ve installed a laboratory here in Belgium, in Bierges, for demonstrating satellite systems and our hydrogen storage. We’re using it to show that well-dimensioned systems that are installed and regulated properly result in improved comfort and reduced energy consumption for the customer. We’re also investing in solutions that make it easier for the customer to dimension systems correctly.’

Components behave like they’re supposed to

We came into contact with Hysopt because we were looking for a solution to calculate, dimension and simulate installations. An important advantage that Hysopt gives Giacomini is that we – as market leader – can be sure the satellite systems used in installations dimensioned by the Hysopt software behave exactly like they’re supposed to. Another benefit for our customers is that Giacomini’s implementation in the software means end customers can work much faster and save a lot more energy while of course still satisfying comfort requirements.

Software reflects the reality

We see the future collaboration with Hysopt as a real partnership. We want to show that the dynamic simulations in the software match reality. I would recommend Hysopt because it’s an innovative pioneer in terms of climate systems, just like Giacomini,’ concludes Gijbels.