Peritas is a multidisciplinary engineering consultancy firm. It provides both EPB, stability and engineering techniques. The company designs hydraulic diagrams, and outlines and designs concepts, all for HVAC and ventilation installations.

Sustainable and efficient installations in line with budget and research

Kevin Grandjean, Senior Project Engineer at Peritas, explains how they go about their work at Peritas: ‘One of our main challenges when designing an installation is to make sure it’s as sustainable and efficient as possible within a budget set by the client. We then need to ensure the installer sticks to the plan during implementation and delivery, so that the installation is configured in line with our research. We mainly tackle this challenge by creating a preliminary design to start with, in consultation with the client. This means we can propose various scenarios, for example, and explain the pros, cons and cost of each one. Then we consult with the client again to see what their requirements and wishes are, and what they want to invest in for their employees. We also wanted some calculation software that could help us develop these scenarios in more detail, to ensure we’re providing the client with accurate information.’

Demonstrate possible savings

Grandjean shares the benefits of working with Hysopt: ‘I came into contact with Hysopt through a designer colleague of mine. They showed me some of the software’s features. I was then pleasantly surprised when I then looked into it in more detail, and that’s why our company works with Hysopt now. I think Hysopt’s main advantage is that we can calculate complex hydraulic installations and so limit our error margin. We also use the software in big energy renovation projects, to clearly show clients how much energy their existing installation is consuming every year. Now we can demonstrate how much they would save if we modified the concept with a new installation, which can make a considerable difference. A digital model is also made available to the client at the end of the project, so they can safeguard the continuity of their installation if it’s modified or extended in the future.’

Fast and accurate hydraulic diagrams

‘We also want to start using Hysopt for all our big boiler room renovations in the near future. A specific project we’re currently working on is for the Arfa site, where several homes are being built and there’s a heating network available, and where the installation will be calculated in Hysopt. I would recommend Hysopt because the Hysopt model can be used to calculate complex installations quickly, so you can create an accurate hydraulic plan faster to go straight in your tender,’ concludes Grandjean.