PM Group

PM Group is an independent multidisciplinary engineering and consultancy firm specialising in engineering, project and construction management of industrial projects in various industries. ‘We want to distinguish ourselves by making our designs as detailed as possible, both in terms of diagrams and calculations,’ explains Wouter Celen, Business Development Manager of PM Group. ‘As far as our technical drawings are concerned, this means that we design everything in 3D. We also make a detailed proposal with regard to our calculations, so the customer knows exactly what they’re getting and the installer knows exactly what needs to be done.

Knowledge of hydraulic systems essential

‘When I first came into contact with Hysopt, I was very impressed by the software, but also by their knowledge of hydraulic systems. We therefore tried to implement it in our own organisation as quickly as possible. We knew we could produce even more detailed designs, and the Hysopt software really helps us with this,’ explains Celen.

You can do what you promise

‘The main advantage of the software is that you can live up to the calculations you promise, which benefits both the customer and the installer. The customer gets a good installation that achieves its energy objectives, and the installer saves time and effort choosing the right components because we’ve already done it for them.’

Vrije Universiteit Brussel is a good example

‘The VUB asked us to look at a problem with their heating systems at the end of 2016, so we performed a simulation with the Hysopt software to see what was going on and learned that we could achieve a saving of €300,000 per year. One year later we’d turned this into a reality.’

Train our people

‘The next step now is to provide more training for our people so that we can use the Hysopt software for all our customers at home and abroad. We’re already telling them about its benefits,’ concludes Celen.