As a manufacturer of boilers and heating solutions, Remeha wants to integrate its products in a complete system. ‘We want to start including residential systems in our range soon, and combine this with our products such as boilers and heat pumps. We need to be able to integrate everything perfectly in hydraulic installations,’ explains Jean Smets, New Technologies Manager at Remeha.

Even better support for installers

‘We’re noticing that engineering firms are giving installers more and more responsibility, which means the installers are increasingly asking us for support. So we’re making sure our products are integrated, but ultimately there’s still a lot more work to do if we want to provide a complete system.’

Keep the temperature to the boiler low

‘We got in touch with Hysopt with the aim of finding answers to various questions, for example to ensure we were controlling hydraulic discrepancies with correct discharges and reducing the return back to the boiler correctly. Hysopt’s role was to ensure that the temperatures to the boiler with the hydraulic discrepancies were kept low. We tested and simulated this with various controls, and ultimately found the right solution,’ explains Smets.

Mainly installers and engineering firms

Engineering firms and installers benefit most from Hysopt because they can easily perform simulations and calculate the right dimensioning. But it’s also really useful for us to be able to integrate our products in the software so that users can take full advantage. We’re going to create a Remeha Inspiration Library too, where we’ll store the various diagrams that have our products correctly integrated. The Hysopt software will then provide a full simulation to ensure correct integration of the installation,’ concludes Smets.