Silver EMS

Silver EMS is an industry recognised engineering consultancy based in London and specialised in District Energy, residential, commercial and industrial markets. They operate and maintain community heating systems, as well as design them, with a focus on energy efficiency and really driven by the alleviation of fuel poverty.

Fight against overdesign

‘Fuel poverty is about the end users and their ability to heat their homes, fundamentally’, says Oliver Riley, Design Director at Silver EMS. ‘We think that good design can play a major part in alleviating that. One of the ongoing challenges in the industry is the tendency to overdesign, I think. Historically we’ve seen a lot of it from building services engineers and that leads to wastage in cost upfront and operational energy. So that’s been a big plight of ours to really address that in our work.’

Rise of heat pump technology

‘Another challenge that’s really come to the fore this year particularly is the rise of the heat pump and the move from fossil fuel combustion for heating to heat pump technology. It’s all driven by the decarbonisation of electricity and it’s absolutely the right direction. But it’s a major challenge for us as an industry to move quite quickly to quite different technology solutions for our clients.’

The power of Hysopt

‘Hysopt helps us with these challenges, initially by bringing a very powerful design tool into the early stages of a project and just giving us more bandwidth to explore options quickly at those early stages. That’s really valuable.’

‘Another advantage we found with Hysopt is the ability to run operational scenarios quite quickly, so projections of energy usage, again at a really early stage in design with lots of different iterations. That’s condensing a really time consuming process traditionally for us.’

‘Another advantage of the Hysopt package that we want to make a lot more use of going forward is the in-use scenario. So the model can stay with the asset and be used to optimise operation. That’s important for us because our designs do go into use. Many of them we stay with and we operate, so we want to take advantage of that. Fundamentally, going back to our mission around alleviating fuel poverty, Hysopt can really help us with that. I’m thinking in particular of retrofit applications. So going in to look at overdesign, to look at lean design, to move away from expensive systems, I think Hysopt is a powerful tool to help with that kind of work’, concludes Oliver Riley.