Studie 10

Studie 10 is a multidisciplinary design and engineering company that specialises in stability engineering and energy. ‘We’ve grown rapidly in these sectors over recent years,’ explains Werner Goris, owner of Studie 10. ‘Our main challenge is finding very competent people. When we do, we want to provide them with continuous training and keep developing their knowledge because of the increasing demand for energy-efficient installations from customers. This has led to installations becoming increasingly complex, for example because of the interaction between heat pumps and boilers. This complexity requires automated software because manual calculations simply aren’t sufficient anymore.’

Correctly tuned installations

‘One important advantage of the Hysopt software is that we can use hydraulic modelling to compare the energy efficiency of different production and hybrid installations, in terms of both their electricity and energy consumption,’ explains Goris. ‘It means we can offer our customers a choice of differently devised concepts and provide a clear overview of the installations with a realistic representation of energy costs. Another of the software’s benefits is that we can provide the contractor with a correct and detailed installation plan. They can then execute the installation perfectly, setting it all up and tuning it correctly. This is very important when it comes to achieving the energy saving made possible by the software.’

Complex projects

Werner Goris: ‘A concrete example of where we’ve used Hysopt is the Jan Van Gent project on the Zillion building. We’re creating a connection with the public heating network there, and wanted to give the customer and heating network supplier detailed modelling of the hydraulic installation. A second example where we’re using Hysopt is to model a high-end office building where we’re using a geothermal network to apply passive cooling via a cooling ceiling and heating via heat pumps.’

Objective choice for the customer

‘We’d recommend Hysopt modelling to our customers because they can use it to make an objective choice between different installation designs with the focus on energy consumption. The software also makes it possible to deliver a correctly set up installation during its implementation. Finally, another advantage is that we have an as-built dossier of the hydraulic model. This gives customers the possibility of delivering a new, correctly-dimensioned installation that can be used for further expansions or modifications,’ concludes Goris.