Sweco Belgium

Objective comparison of system concepts

“I work on calculating installation concepts every day,” says Peter Maerien, project leader at Sweco. “The applications of various climate control systems, for example, form a significant challenge in this. All components need to be perfectly aligned with each other, and the client is becoming increasingly demanding too. They expect to be able to compare various concepts with each other objectively, but this is a complex exercise. Thankfully, the Hysopt software makes it much simpler.”

Avoid conceptual faults

You often only notice conceptual faults in an installation after the project is complete. “With Hysopt, we have a tool that detects these faults in the design phase. We can then communicate them to the client using concrete data.”

Correct hydraulic design

The basic hydraulic circuit design and associated system check means designers can be sure their hydraulic concept will work fully as intended. “The clear interface with familiar symbols gives the software great added value,” says Chris Breijs.