Van Tilburg

Van Tilburg Energie Design is an installation company that was founded in 1992. They focus mainly on the B2B market and work in the healthcare sector, small offices and industry, with local authorities and governments as important clients too.

Know in advance that the installation works

‘An important challenge for us is to be able to fully predict how the building will operate before we start work on it,’ says Jeroen Sturme, Project Engineer at Van Tilburg Energie Design . ‘We want to be able to calculate, simulate and of course also draw it all, but we need to know that it will work before we start ordering or making anything. Hysopt plays an important role in this. Thanks to them, we can test and assess various scenarios in advance with regard to the building’s energy efficiency. We can check if it’s better to use large boilers with a small output capacity or vice versa, for example, and play around with the installation before we make it.’

Offer customers different options

‘A good example of one of the possibilities that Hysopt offers us is the ability to communicate with customers about how different scenarios would work. You can fix a pipe that’s not correctly dimensioned in an existing installation in two, three, four different ways. With Hysopt you can demonstrate it very quickly and discuss with the customer what the best solution is.’

Simulations are fantastic

The main benefits of Hysopt according to Van Tilburg? ‘The first thing I think of is that it’s often difficult to implement new technologies in existing buildings. Heat pumps are great systems, but they can be very awkward to implement in high-powered installations. With Hysopt we can simulate it very quickly to see what happens in a building with lower temperatures, for example.’

‘The second benefit is the technical control that we can implement in a model. We can operate valves and release pumps . We think it’s important to be able to regulate and control installations as we design them, and with this software we can quickly run simulations to see what would happen over the course of a month or a year.’

‘A third benefit is Hysopt’s ease of use, and in particular the fact that you can open it web-based from anywhere, and quickly teach other employees too,’ explains Sturme.

Boost energy efficiency

The continued collaboration with Hysopt will mainly be in the form of applying Hysopt in packages like Revit, which we use to create our BIM models. I think there would be lots more benefits if we could combine these two applications. I would recommend Hysopt to make buildings even more energy efficient. Existing buildings sometimes already have a heat pump installation, but Hysopt can help them operate even more efficiently, so the interior climate is better for the user, and it reduces their carbon footprint too,’ concludes Sturme.