Veolia is a company that’s active in three different business lines: water, waste and energy. It operates globally and employs some 170,000 people. One of its biggest challenges is helping customers with their energy transition.

Wasting as little energy as possible

‘We operate lots of technical installations,’ explains Bart Allaert, Technical & Performance Director at Veolia. ‘We need to operate these installations as efficiently as possible, so that as little energy as possible is wasted. We also need to consider the renewable side of things. That’s why we conduct studies day in day out to see how we can help our customers with regard to biomass, geothermal energy and so on.

Heating networks form a further challenge. Heating networks were hardly mentioned at all in Belgium ten to fifteen years ago, but now they’re being spoken about all the time. Our challenge is to develop heating networks as much as possible in accordance with the legislation which is constantly evolving. One way we’re taking this challenge on is by seeing how we can make customers’ existing installations more energy efficient. We don’t just look at the production installations, but also the whole network behind them. We’re also developing entire installations for heating networks. This comes down to having the right combination, working out the right mix of energies we’re going to use.

Work faster with Hysopt

‘Hysopt ultimately has many benefits. We can easily perform simulations with this tool. The tool also has a library of standard configurations, which makes our life much easier and means we can work much faster. It also means we can clearly show customers how their installations work. Another big advantage for us is that the specifications – for example for regulators, control valves, pumps and similar – roll out of the system almost automatically, which makes buying the right ones all the more easy.’

Symbiosis between Veolia, customers and Hysopt

‘I see our collaboration evolving on two fronts. Firstly, for our own internal operations where we’re planning to use the tool more intensively in more projects – especially for new build projects and extending existing installations. On the other hand, we’re also noticing that more and more of our customers are using the tool, which automatically creates a symbiosis between Veolia and our customers together with Hysopt. ‘Resourcing the world’ is our motto. Hysopt is there to help us achieve it,’ concludes Allaert.