Viessmann is a company that manufactures domestic and commercial boilers, industrial power systems and cooling solutions. ‘We cover everything to do with energy production, from the smallest domestic boilers to the largest industrial installations,’ explains Patrick O, General Manager Viessmann Belgium.

No fossil fuels by 2050

Viessmann wants to reduce its use of fossil fuels as much as possible by 2050. How will they do that? ‘We mainly want to optimise the efficiency of our installations, which is why we’re using gas condensation boilers. We’re also trying to integrate sustainable technologies in existing or new installations as much as possible, so we need to ensure that the hydraulics for boiler fuel cells, solar thermal systems, biomass boilers and cogeneration systems all work together properly. Our sales engineers advise us on this, and we have a network of partners who supply us with software, among other things, so that we can deliver good work,’ explains Patrick O.

Lots of ground covered with Hysopt

‘We came into contact with Hysopt quite a long time ago, and started using it for the pressure maintenance and degassing of installations to ensure the boilers were operating optimally. Then we focused on corrosion protection to achieve hydraulic balances. Hysopt’s main benefit is that the software is in line with what is important for Viessmann – a large volume of water with a low hydraulic resistance. So when we’re sizing pumps, pipes, mixers and valves, the Viessmann products really come into their own in the Hysopt software.’

More complex installations require more details

‘Installations are becoming much more complex, which makes good collaboration between the installers and engineering firms even more important. The engineering firm develops a general concept with some specific details, but it’s the installer who needs to know the specific details to achieve optimal efficiency.’

10% improvement in efficiency with 30% less power consumption

‘We want to start by integrating the new products we manufacture in the Hysopt software. Then we want to develop our collaboration further internationally. We’re seeing that heating systems are becoming increasingly significant, and hydraulic optimisation isn’t something that’s very self-evident. We’ll never achieve optimal efficiency if we don’t do it properly, and Hysopt gives us a much better understanding of our boiler room efficiency. We’ve been able to use the software to prove that we can improve this by about 10%. We’ll also need to use fewer primary pumps, which results in a 30% reduction in power consumption.’