Wilo is a global pump manufacturer, active in more than 60 countries all over the world. They are serving their customers in three segments: building services, water management and industry. ‘I’m responsible for business development in building services worldwide. With Business Development we implement new strategies and bring new smart solutions to our customers and a big part of that is digitization and creating the right tools to bring to our customers’, explains Arjan Calis, Director Business Development at Wilo Group.

The speed of digitization

‘One of the biggest challenges that we faced today in building services is the speed of digitization. We see that we need to build much faster and cheaper than we have ever done in the past. Therefore the construction industry needs to change. We see that role for us as a manufacturer to provide the right tools and the right products to help that process move forward. Today we have many initiatives to go for these kind of challenges. We see that in product innovation bringing smart solutions in our products. We see that in tools and digitization like digital customer interfaces, like connecting to BIM and other software solutions which helps the customer to make a better design and build better systems inside the buildings.’

First test results with Hysopt were incredible

‘We got in touch with Hysopt because someone of our sales organization approached me and said he found this company who developed a great tool which could really help to serve our customers better. In the beginning I was a bit sceptical and we desired to test the software. We had a customer panel in six countries and the results were incredible.’

Simulate buildings up to the smallest details

‘The reason we wanted to be part of Hysopt is that we saw the benefit of the tool being in the ability to simulate complete buildings to a high detail. This allows us to be more integrated in the process of designers as well of facility managers. We are able to improve, not only with our products, but also as a product being part of the complete integrated system. The biggest advantage that we see with Hysopt is that it allows us to simulate buildings. Both in the design phase as in the operational phase of the building it helps to integrate our product better into the system. With that we are able to connect extremely well to the processes of the designer and facility manager and that brings a huge advantage to us.’

Working with Hysopt is fun

‘Today the cooperation with Hysopt is just having a lot of fun. It’s a dynamic small group and that’s giving a lot of positive energy. We’ve used the tool now in several ways in cases which brought good value to our customers. Solving many issues and at the same time saving a lot of energy. In the future we see that cooperation growing with more and more integration of our products. Both the circulation pumps as well as pump systems for pression maintenance and fluid management. We look forward to further developing the tool together’.