Consilitech is a new engineering office that is aiming to grow quickly in the short term and provide optimal service to customers. ‘Our biggest challenge is to deliver high quality in a comprehensive way,’ explains Thomas De Knock, COO at Consilitech. ‘We want to deliver this high quality both to people with extensive knowledge and to people who are less familiar with complex matters.’

Every component must yield maximum returns

“We provide quite large and complex installations,” says Kris Vanrenterghem, Business Manager at Consilitech, “and every component needs to yield maximum returns. This makes Hysopt the ideal tool, because the complex calculations are contained within the software, which ensures maximum efficiency is achieved even with just an employee’s standard knowledge profile.”

Goes a step further than traditional methods

“We chose Hysopt because we want this high quality in all our installations. We want to go a step further and stop using standard tools and key indicators for our calculations; we want to apply detailed calculations to all our designs. We also want to use the Hysopt software to perform more complex calculations in the same time frame,” explains Kris Vanrenterghem.

Hysopt pivotal in knowledge-sharing

“We see added value in the collaboration because there’s such great knowledge-sharing between the two parties; not just from Hysopt to us, but because it goes in both directions. I can easily invite anyone in the sector to share knowledge in this forum where Hysopt is the central point,” concludes Kris.