ENGIE Cofely

Energy simulations in a matter of minutes

Engie Cofely specialises in the design, installation and maintenance of technical installations. It recently started using Hysopt software to ensure these installations are energy efficient. This allows them to perform quick energy simulations successfully. “We used to need a few days to run energy simulations for existing installations, but now it only takes a few minutes,” says Yves Collette, Project Manager for Engie Cofely.

30% reduction in gas consumption for the VUB

“At the VUB we used the Hysopt software to calculate the presettings for the valves, which we were then able to put into practice and ultimately measure. The measurements show that gas consumption at the VUB was reduced by 30% over the space of just three months compared to the same period in the previous year, which is of course a huge saving.”

Hydraulic faults visible straight away

“The main benefit of the Hysopt software is that you can pinpoint any hydraulic faults straight away, which is something that used to take us a long time. We definitely want to keep collaborating with Hysopt in future because of its added value in terms of energy savings and the extra service we can offer our customers,” concludes Yves Collette.