Ghent University

Optimising installations and long-term maintenance

‘It’s good to fit a new installation, but the outcome can often only really be measured after a year or even longer,’ explains Ruben Sebrechts, project coordinator for the Buildings and Facilities Management Department at Ghent University. ‘The contractor and engineering firm have already left by this stage, but we have to continue using the installation for years. So it’s very important that we can maintain the installations and ensure they work optimally.’

Hydraulics diagram on paper in a few minutes

‘The speed at which you can commit a hydraulics diagram to paper is one of Hysopt software’s main benefits. We can simulate an entire central heating system in just a few minutes, so we can perform calculations and compare various options much faster.’

All component variables mapped out

‘Lots of components, which contractors and engineering firms aren’t concerned with initially, are calculated in the software. They assume that issues such as a control valve’s Kv-value are already optimal to begin with. But the Hysopt software describes components in more detail, and variables are selected automatically and can then be modified, so you can calculate an optimal installation.’