No more surprises for Sax

Sax is a sanitary products wholesaler mainly active in East and West Flanders. “It’s a challenge for us to help installers prepare their installations, draw up hydraulics plans and choose materials,” explains Peter Demeulemeester, Head of HVAC Projects for Sax. “We also want to be able to make agreements about the installation design with the property developer right at the start of a project.”

Serve customers better

“We mainly want to serve customers better. This starts with the quote in which we want to provide as much information as possible. Once the project has begun, we use Hysopt to discover any faults so we can discuss them with our installers.”

Simulate installation in advance

“Our salespeople meet with the property developers right at the start of every project. Now we can fully prepare a preliminary study with the Hysopt software, so we don’t have any surprises later on. We can design the complete installation in advance, so installers don’t encounter any problems with the installation itself,” says Peter Demeulemeester

Correct faults faster

“Another advantage of Hysopt is that we can intervene faster after the installation too. If a fault is still discovered somehow, or a certain shortcoming comes to light, then we can run a simulation for it, and so resolve any issues much faster.”

Further expansion of the parts library

“We want to offer our installers added value, and the Hysopt software certainly allows us to do so. We also want to expand the parts library further in the future so it can be implemented in the installation even more.”