Wattson nv

Make precise calculations

Wattson nv is an ESCO (Energy Saving Company) which specialises in optimising existing HVAC installations in buildings. It’s important for ESCOs to make calculations that are as precise as possible for these installations, so that pre-defined targets can be met. “The more accurately we can measure potential savings, the more we can make recommendations and implement them for our clients,” says Floor Apers, Project Manager at Wattson nv.

Map existing installations

“Hysopt helps us map out existing installations very accurately, so we can make precise estimates for what savings they can make. The Hysopt software also ensures significant added value for the subsequent commissioning of these installations.”

Control and simulation options

“The software’s main advantage is the ability to input data fast and then control it. Its simulation possibilities for calculating a new optimised installation compared to an old installation are also extremely useful. It can make all the calculations required to implement a dimensioning correction,” concludes Floor Apers.