Perform better than before

ZNA is one of Belgium’s largest healthcare providers. It is comprised of three general and six specialist hospitals, two medical centres and a residential care facility, all in and around Antwerp, making it the largest hospital network in Belgium. “In terms of energy consumption, our challenge is twofold,” explains Tom Havermans, Environment Coordinator for ZNA. “We’ve set a number of climate targets, but we also want to make it more comfortable for our visitors, patients and colleagues. We want to optimise our new build and renovation projects, and remove any imperfections.”

Eliminate faults from installations

“The Hysopt software has shown us where we can eliminate imperfections in our technical installations, so we can take huge steps forward in terms of both comfort and consumption,” says Tom Havermans.

CHP results in more operating hours for Jan Palfijn Hospital

“A good example of what we’ve already achieved is the optimisation in the Jan Palfijn Hospital in Merksem, where we’ve introduced a combined heat and power (cogeneration) installation which results in significantly more operating hours than the other CHPs in our network. This is partly thanks to the Hysopt software correctly regulating all the hydraulics.”

Very long-term investment

“The Hysopt software helps bring about structural change that you can benefit from for a very long time. We’ve already run the rule over two large hospitals, and now we’re going to further develop the new hospital with Hysopt too. Then we want to improve two more sites, so we’ll be optimising all the buildings which we know we’ll be using for a very long time to come,” says Tom Havermans.