Training courses

Discover the potential of hydraulic optimisation

There’s a very good chance you could improve the hydraulic design of your heating and cooling systems. This wouldn’t just lead to lower energy bills; it’s also much better for the environment.

As a spin-off company from the University of Antwerp, we feel it’s our duty to pass our expertise on and help you achieve maximum comfort for as low a price as possible. That’s why we offer various training courses in collaboration with the University of Antwerp.

What training do we offer?

Advanced Hydronic Course UK

We teach you how to design and optimise heating and cooling systems using Hysopt software. In the space of just two days, we can turn you into a real HVAC expert and save you 10 to 50% off your energy bills.

Free webinars

Sometimes it’s nice to educate yourself without needing to go anywhere, right? That’s why we organise five webinars every year to examine topics covered in our one-day training sessions in more detail. The webinars can be viewed free of charge.