What we do

Our software helps you saving money and energy

Hysopt is unique design software that helps building managers get the most out of their heating and cooling systems. In collaboration with installation companies and engineering firms, we can cut your annual energy bill by 10 to 50%. You can also count on lower maintenance costs and improved comfort, quality and sustainability.

How does our software work?

Our software ensures you save on your installation, maintenance and energy consumption by hydraulically optimising your heating and cooling systems in the finest detail. This means we eliminate 99% of all design faults, which leads to huge energy savings. We go through four stages to achieve this.

1. Digitalise

Have you planned a new build project? Is renovation required? Or do you want to thoroughly analyse your existing installations? The intuitive Hysopt software uses a model library and pre-programmed hydraulic circuits to build a visual representation of your installation. Existing and new installations can be perfectly integrated into one new design.

2. Optimise

Time for optimisation. The software optimises the design of the hydronic installation in every phase by always calculating the right equipment with the most suitable parameters. Hysopt uses advanced algorithms to calculate all the installation components automatically.

3. Simulate

Hysopt simulates how the installation will behave with integrated renewable energy sources by subjecting it to variable conditions, such as the weather. It uses dynamic simulations to help you evaluate the design’s energy consumption, thermal comfort and control behaviour.

4. Evaluate

When the calculations have been made, you can compare KPIs for different hydronic designs in economic terms (savings, investments, payback period) and in ecological terms uits (CO2 emissions). This way you can choose in a very clear way which design best suits your requirements.


How can I calculate my HVAC correctly ?

Get an answer to the following questions in our whitepaper:

  • Why are traditional calculations no
    longer adequate?
  • Why choose for a digital mathematical model?
  • How do you get started with the Hysopt software?
  • How much does the Hysopt software cost?

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Which sectors are we active in?

Hysopt is fully versed in all markets and can prove its worth to any building manager in any sector. This doesn’t mean we didn’t already built up lots of expertise in certain sectors.

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The price tag?

Hysopt is software-as-a-service – accessible from any device with an internet connection. For each project you pay a one-time project fee which is calculated on the basis of the full-load output power.

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