Closing the heating and cooling performance gap

Dynamic Digital Twin of your P&ID
for continuous improvement.

Engineering software for large HVAC installations

"Hysopt” engineering design and simulation software is user-friendly, optimises large heating and cooling retro-fitted or new installations. It delivers a digital dynamic twin of your P&ID, checks the system and optimizes the performance which leads to improved efficiency and environmental comfort, substantial cost savings, quality and durability of the heating and cooling system.


All water-based (hydronic) installations start with a detailed design. The intuitive Hysopt software uses a model library and pre-programmed hydraulic circuits to build a visual representation of the installation, and reports design faults so you can adjust the hydronic installation model straight away.

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The software optimises the design of the hydronic installation in every phase by always calculating the right equipment with the most suitable parameters. Hysopt uses advanced algorithms to calculate all the installation components automatically, so you can select the ideal combination of components for your installation at full load conditions.

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Hysopt calculates how the installation will behave under partial load by subjecting it to variable conditions, such as the weather. It uses dynamic simulations to help you evaluate the design’s energy consumption, thermal comfort and control behaviour.

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When the calculations have been made, you can compare KPIs for different hydronic designs and evaluate the investment required as well as the energy consumption, thermal comfort and control behaviour for your design. The software determines very clearly which designs best meet client requirements.

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We help you make better designs

Energy efficient

Hysopt always calculates the optimal components for your installation, so everything makes good, practical sense. This leads to big energy savings.

Cost and time saving

You can design full HVAC installations very quickly with the software. You don’t need to draw every component individually, and can build extensive configurations very easily using an advanced models library.


No guesswork. Hysopt software ensures transparent reporting, so you can create a final design to match client requirements as closely as possible.


The Hysopt simulation software brings the installation to life in its design phase, and studies its behaviour over time. It uses models of the hydraulics, control models and environmental factors to map out the KPIs straight away.


Hysopt’s built-in mathematical models ensure very precise calculation for your HVAC systems. Hysopt eliminates the need for guesswork and unnecessary inclusion of margins.


We’re constantly developing innovative designs, which we make available to all our users so you have access to the latest system concepts and installation variants whenever you want. You’re also kept up to date with the latest developments in the HVAC sector.