The Physics-Based HVAC Engineering Software

The HVAC simulation and calculation software, to streamline your design process and optimise your building's heating and cooling installations. Take actionable steps towards greener zero carbon initiatives.

Deliver optimal HVAC systems while improving your margins

In today's constantly evolving HVAC market, navigating the intricacies of heating and cooling systems can be quite daunting. There is an emerging need for high-efficiency HVAC systems, but at the same time, the complexity of systems is rapidly increasing. At Hysopt, we tackle this exploded complexity with our own innovative physics- and cloud-based software.

By approaching HVAC engineering on a system-level instead of looking at individual components, we empower HVAC Engineers to design and optimise HVAC systems for maximum efficiency and performance. Our cutting-edge software not only enhances system functionality – driving sustainability and cost savings - but also streamlines your overall engineering process.

Experience the difference of system-level thinking with Hysopt, and revolutionise your approach to HVAC engineering to achieve unparalleled results.

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No compromises on complexity

All complexities involved are considered without burdening the user, even the most thermal and hydraulically intricate systems

Completely tailored to your needs

Developed by in-field experts with expertise spanning 450+ projects, and completely tailored to an HVAC Engineer's needs

Covering the whole engineering chain

Peak performance at every stage of the engineering process, from conceptual to technical design, up until commissioning

Direct access to expert HVAC knowledge

Gain expertise and sharpen your engineering skills through training from experienced and qualified HVAC Engineers

Proud to work with a selection of companies leading the energy transition

Meet our customers

Here's what our customers have to say:

With the growing emphasis on electrification as a means to achieve decarbonisation goals, we sought a solution that would give us the tools to design and analyze the increasingly complex systems associated with this transition.

By leveraging Hysopt's software, we can achieve our project goals and design low carbon HVAC systems. The added value of Hysopt lies in its ability to optimize all parts of the hydronic systems and provide the insights needed over the full range of operation to navigate the complexities of HVAC electrification and deliver sustainable, high-performance solutions.
Hysopt's support has been instrumental for us at Hi Group, ensuring we're equipped every step of the way. Our junior and less confident designers are accelerating their learning curve! With Hysopt, they're experimenting with new concepts and gaining instant feedback, boosting their skills and confidence.

Thanks to Hysopt, we're now witnessing consistently high-quality designs emerging from the design team, revolutionising our approach to projects and enhancing our reputation. At Hi Group, we're thrilled with the transformation Hysopt has brought to our team and projects. It's been an incredible journey of growth and innovation!