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Get more out of your heating and cooling systems

Hysopt is unique design software that helps building managers get the most out of their heating and cooling systems. In collaboration with installation companies and engineering firms, we can cut your annual energy bill by 10 to 50%. You can also count on lower maintenance costs and improved comfort, quality and sustainability.





5 ingredients for successful implementation of heatpumps in non-domestic building

The new Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme is providing 100% capital grants for energy efficiency and heat decarbonisation projects for non-domestic public sector buildings in England. Decarbonising heat is the UK’s biggest challenge to achieving net zero emissions. Learn how to succesfully implement heatpumps in non-domestic buildings.

Hysopt Public Sector Decarbonisation

What you can expect?

No unpleasant surprises
The Hysopt simulation software brings the installation to life in its design phase, and studies its behaviour over time. This means you won’t find out at a later date that the installation isn’t working optimally and you have to pay extra.

Reduced energy consumption
Hysopt calculates which components are most suitable for optimising your heating and cooling systems – so everything fits together perfectly, leading to reduced energy consumption.

Lower costs
Thanks to the software your engineering firm doesn’t need to work out each component individually, so they can easily design a variety of configurations. The software can then simulate the operations of these different versions to offer the most beneficial option.

A scientific digital model
No guesswork with Hysopt. The software knows how your installation will behave based on hydraulic models, control models and environmental factors. Your entire installation is mapped out digitally, which is really useful for renovations and extensions.

Hysopt’s built-in mathematical models ensure very precise calculation for your heating and cooling systems. Hysopt eliminates the need for rules of thumb and the unnecessary inclusion of margins.

We’re constantly updating our software, so you can be certain your heating and cooling systems are optimised with the latest developments in the HVAC sector.

What your colleagues are saying

AZ Sint-Maarten

The possibilities, computing power and visual representation of installations and optimisations was a real eye-opener for us.

Ghent University

The speed at which Ghent University can commit a hydraulics diagram to paper is one of Hysopt software’s main benefits.

City of Brussels

Stad Brussel kan door het terug in evenwicht brengen van de bestaande verwarmingsinstallaties het gasverbruik sterk terugdringen.


The Hysopt software has shown ZNA where they can eliminate imperfections in their technical installations, so they can take huge steps forward in terms of both comfort and consumption.


The Vrije Universiteit Brussel is saving €300,000 per year thanks to the Hysopt software.

OLV Hospital Aalst

OLV Hospital believes that the strength of Hysopt is its science-based model and the fact that it incorporates all the basic principles of hydraulics.