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image project use case KU Leuven


KU Leuven for Leuven Climate Neutral 2030

The KU Leuven is the largest university in the country, with faculties in 11 different locations. Together they accommodate around 60,000 students all over Flanders.
image project use case vub



The Vrije Universiteit Brussel has three main campuses, Etterbeek, Jette and Gooik and various other buildings spread across the capital. All hydraulic systems in these buildings needed optimising, which is where Hysopt came into play.
image project use case UA


University of Antwerp

The University of Antwerp has 20,000 students, manages 88 buildings covering 350,000m2 floor space in total, and is planning to add a further 15,000m2 floor space for high-tech laboratories in the near future.
image project use case ZNA


Hospital ZNA

ZNA is one of Belgium’s largest healthcare providers. It is comprised of three general and six specialist hospitals, two medical centres and a residential care facility, all in and around Antwerp, making it the largest hospital network in Belgium
image project use cases AZ Sint Maarten


Hospital AZ Sint-Maarten

AZ Sint-Maarten is a general hospital currently spread over three separate campuses, which is relocating to a single large site.
image project use case UZA


Antwerp University Hospital

Antwerp University Hospital (UZA) has 573 beds, employs 3,500 people, and provides more than 500,000 consultations and treatments every year.
image project use case go education


GO! Education

GO! education is the Flemish public institution for community education. GO! is one of three educational networks in addition to officially and freely subsidised education.
image project use case westfield


Westfield: Setting the pace for a better tomorrow

Westfield Stratford City is a flagship destination in East London and forms part of Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, who are a premier global developer and operator of real estate.
image project use case university ghent


Ghent University

‘It’s good to fit a new installation, but the outcome can often only really be measured after a year or even longer,’ explains Ruben Sebrechts, project coordinator for the Buildings and Facilities Management Department at Ghent University.
image project use case brussels


City of Brussels

The City of Brussels technical services department is responsible for managing HVAC installations in around 300 buildings in the city.
image use case projects Den helder


Den Helder: Diving into their decarbonising mission

Den Helder is committed to decarbonisation by enhancing the energy efficiency of its buildings and reducing emissions.
image use case projects activ


Activ: Treatment with comfort

Activ is an independent Dutch real estate & construction management firm, specialised within the healthcare sector with a dual focus: ‘cure’ and ‘care’.
image use case projects NHS Southend


NHS Southend: Playing big

NHS Southend hospital is a part of the Mid and South Essex (MSE) NHS Foundation Trust. The trust has ambitious targets when it comes to decarbonising it’s building stock, aspiring to decarbonise by at least 10% by 2025.
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