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For Conceptual Designers:
You make or facilitate the conceptual design decisions

Dynamic HVAC simulation

The Hysopt Simulator empowers you to simulate and predict the performance of your HVAC design. It facilitates a straightforward comparison of various system alternatives and allows you to fine-tune design parameters through automated sensitivity analysis. Pareto analyses ensure comprehensive transparency in the multi-objective trade-off among CAPEX, OPEX, CO2 emissions, and thermal comfort.

Main features

Intuitive P&ID Modelling

  • Drag & drop interface
  • Unique ‘’Base Circuit Methodology’
  • Combine different canvasses
  • Easy modification of system parameters

Pipe Sizing

  • Broad selection of pipe types
  • Automatic size calculation based on max flow speed or pressure drop
  • CIBSE, WTCB, ISSO or custom pressure profiles available
  • Supported diversity calculations for DHW and central heating

Sensitivity Analysis

  • Analysis of the effect of design changes on the overall system performance
  • Compare multiple variants with different combinations of key parameters
  • Automatic design calculation and dynamic simulation
  • CAPEX and OPEX trade-off

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