Bridge the gap

For HVAC Engineers and BIM Modellers:
You make the connection between HVAC calculation
and BIM modelling

Real-time synchronisation

The Hysopt BIM Syncer addresses the current disconnect between HVAC Engineers and BIM Modellers by providing a constantly validated and synchronised P&ID and BIM model. Unlike other plug-ins, you get to work in your own dedicated environment, thanks to an interactive split screen. No more need for manual checks, and thus a lower margin of errors, significant savings in failure costs, and a great reduction in engineering time.

Main features

Intuitive P&ID Modelling

  • Drag & drop interface
  • Unique ‘’Base Circuit Methodology’
  • Combine different canvasses
  • Easy modification of system parameters

Pipe Sizing

  • Broad selection of pipe types
  • Automatic size calculation based on max flow speed or pressure drop
  • CIBSE, WTCB, ISSO or custom pressure profiles available
  • Supported diversity calculations for DHW and central heating

Proven Concepts Library

  • 100+ validated energy centre concepts
  • Integrated control strategy
  • Customisable templates
  • Filter on types to find preferred concept
  • Simple implementation and connection to your own P&ID

Model Generation

  • One-click P&ID generation
  • Automatically linked pipes and components
  • Correct correlations and component structure in the generated model
  • Easy access to system parameters

Real-time Synchronisation

  • Dedicated interface for HVAC calculation
  • Simple and fast interaction, with one-click synchronisation
  • Guaranteed perfect match
  • All values and parameters transferred

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Solving the Disconnect between HVAC Engineering & BIM Modeling

Improve your HVAC design & calculation process with our cloud-based software, the Hysopt BIM Syncer.

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