Hysopt Academy

Hysopt Academy

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Three-day training for HVAC experts

It’s difficult to stay up to date with the latest developments in the HVAC sector without any professional training. That’s why we regularly organise 3-day training courses for installers who want to learn everything about HVAC installation design and optimisation from A to Z.

Brief theory, lots of practical examples

We get things started with a theoretical introduction at the Hysopt Academy, where we work out specific practical examples and investigate problem installations in workshops. You become a real expert.

Learning to work with Hysopt

You’ll be up and away with the software on your first day. The easy-to-use intuitive interface means anyone can get started straight away.

Extra training possible

Hysopt also offers the opportunity of a more academic approach. As a student you can explore and master basic and advanced HVAC designs in a very practical way. Additional training such as this can be fully tailored to your needs, and takes place in close collaboration with our university partners.

SME market

Our training is suitable for the SME market.

Next workshop

Our next 3-day workshop ‘Heating Hydraulics from A to Z’ takes place on 4, 11 and 18 October. You can register by sending an e-mail to sales@hysopt.com

Video in Dutch