Save up to 50% energy and provide maximum comfort

Hospital patients and care home residents deserve maximum comfort, as we’re sure you’ll agree. But we still notice that whole sections of buildings sometimes aren’t heated properly – that it’s much too warm in some rooms, or cooling installations consume lots of energy without providing enough cooling in others. So what can you do about it? We recommend taking a close look at the hydraulic operations in your cooling and heating installations. This won’t just mean you can offer maximum comfort, but also save 10 to 50 percent of the energy you’re consuming.

How do I get started?

Take a close look at the cooling and heating installations’ comfort levels and efficiency – sounds good, but how on earth do I get started? You can find the answer to this question in our free e-book or at our free webinar on 3 October.

Free e-book


How do you ensure optimal operation of your cooling and heating installations? You can find out in our white paper: How can I can I calculate my HVAC correctly?



Not really much of a reader? No problem. We can explain everything to you in half an hour in an online webcast.

What role does Hysopt software play?

Did you know that an average of 50 million calculations are needed to optimise the hydraulics in a modern hospital cooling and heating installation? Then you’ll realise that nobody can do this manually, and Excel doesn’t offer much of a solution either. That’s why you need the right software with sufficient computing power and optimisation algorithms to automate these hydraulic and thermal calculations. And guess what: that’s exactly what Hysopt software does.

Hysopt software calculates the optimal operations for your cooling and heating installations – technology that’s been developed following years of university research. Do you want to know exactly how the software works? Then click the button below.


What our clients think

AZ Sint-Maarten

‘Hysopt is the software I’ve spent years looking for. As an engineer, I’ve made an awful lot of calculations, which takes a very long time. But using this new model makes it much more flexible and easy to produce simulations.’

OLV Hospital Aalst

‘One of Hysopt’s main advantages is that it’s based on science, with basic hydraulics principles built in.’


‘Hysopt software has helped us realise we can eliminate lots of imperfections in our technical installations, so we can make huge progress both in terms of comfort and energy consumption.’


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