Designed to make a change

Let's act and renovate our buildings towards lower greenhouse gas emissions because time is ticking!

Designed to make a change
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Buildings are an enormous investment. Not only of material, money, … but also of energy consumption. Lots of resources are poured into making them, so it speaks for itself that you want everything to work as long and cost-efficient as possible and that everything serves its purpose. However, over 85% of the existing EU building stock is older than 30 years, but the rate of renovation is only 1-2% each year. Within this, only a shocking 5% achieve over 60% energy and carbon savings*! It’s time to take a closer look because time is ticking, fast!

From carbon hog to carbon low

In 2020 the European Commission put forward the Renovation Wave Strategy with the aim of getting us on track to make the climate targets of 2030 and ultimately be climate neutral by 2050. What is the Renovation Wave you might ask?! Let’s debrief!

Making carbon-removal mainstream is the ultimate goal. Correction, the world being net-zero is the ultimate goal!But you can’t run before you know how to walk. Luckily carbon solutions are finally being taken seriously, but we need to pick up the pace. If we don’t prepare and act against our greatest global threat, it will continue to overwhelm us.

To help with this, the Renovation Wave was created. This is to encourage owners to act and renovate their buildings towards lower greenhouse gas emissions. Because by 2030buildings should be at an energy consumption decrease of 60%.Want to take a guess where we are at now? ONE, 1% renovation rate! Even less for deep renovation, with a current annual of only 0,2%! This figure must drastically increase to 3% per year by 2030 and we have less than 8 years to make it…

That’s why at Hysopt we encourage you to look at your heating and cooling installation. Chances are very VERY real, that it is a real carbon blaster. Let’s throw in a couple of numbers to prove our point… 40% of the WORLDWIDE energy consumption can be attributed to buildings. Of that energy consumption, another 40% comes directly from HVAC installations! So, you can see how optimizing your installation can make a massive impact?!

If we don’t act now, penalising will be the next step. By now we know what is happening to our planet and pretending our noses are bleeding won’t be tolerated much longer. 2030 is approaching and the sustainability targets are very clear. By waiting you will only end up shooting yourself in the foot. There are only so many installation companies and if we all wait until the last 2 years to act, a bunch of us won’t be ready by the deadline and will have to pay for it, literally!  We are past the ‘pointing fingers’ stage. There are no longer “neutral” decisions!Every single action counts, and thus every single building!

This is not the way we are used to looking at buildings, and to make the ultimate impact, we must make a shift in our perspectives. The threat of climate change asks for design with care and with intent, that’s imperative! And making climate-positive decisions about your building is the only way to go.

Let’s up the ante

Look, at this point, you get it.With 2050 approaching at a fast pace, we can no longer afford an ostrich attitude. The reality is that at this very moment, the renovation rate to make the 2050 European net-zero goals are at 1%! We repeat, ONE! We need to triple that rate every year, to just even stand a chance at making it.

But where to start?

There is still a deep-rooted misconception that investing in sustainability is expensive, but we learned from experience that we can help you save an average of 40% carbon emissions and 30% on annual energy bills by optimising your HVAC system. In collaboration with our partners, the unique science based Hysopt Software can help get the most out of your heating and cooling systems. We create transparency while contributing to a sustainable world.  Our promise? We reduce carbon emissions, lower energy costs, increase comfort, provide you with different choices, and give you back control. 

Take a second, let it sink in, and then make some carbon removal moves!

Designed to make a change

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