Creating digital life

A Digital Twin: Creating a virtual space with a virtual model of your systems, so you can make an informed decision before making a real life one.

Creating digital life
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A Digital Twin: Creating a virtual space with a virtual model of your systems, so you can make an informed decision before making a real life one.

The Hysopt Digital Twin can optimise your heating and cooling systems. It helps the HVAC industry to design, build and commission more efficient HVAC systems and assure that your installation will work “first time right”. No matter what analysis you are after whether you want to unlock an immediate operational saving or to fast-forward to 2050 to find out if there is a future at all for your building in a fossil-free world. Hysopt would love to help you prepare for that future!

BIM, but make it science-based

Continuing on existing digital engineering tools, a digital twin takes additional data sources into account, as well as advanced simulation and analytics capabilities to then make a simulation of how your systems would function in reality. Digital Twin technology is a rapidly growing industry. Different companies across different industries are already benefitting from the use of digital twin technology, capturing real value for industry branches such as product development, manufacturing, etc. According to a 2022 McKinsey article the current estimate indicates that the market for digital twins In Europe alone will be around €7 billion by 2025, with an annual growth rate of 30 to 45 percent.

The most commonly known version of a digital twin in the construction industry is probably BIM, Building Information Modelling. Made for creating and managing data throughout the entire process, from design all the way to operations, adding physics to the equation is what we did at Hysopt to take it one step further and kick it up a notch… We created a science-based digital twin.

The difference, you might ask? Instead of just showing what your system would look like, we make it possible to actually give you a representation of how it would work as well! By taking the science route, accuracy is key! Therefore it is vital to look both at the thermal- and hydraulic processes, as well as the way the system is controlled. If not, there can be no accuracy.

Let’s talk advantages

Apart from getting actual insight into how your systems will work, there are a couple more advantages into working with a digital twin, whether you are looking into implementing it into your existing installation or new built. First of all, you will never have to guess which settings offer you the most optimal solution. Whether you are looking at optimising your buildings comfort levels, reducing its carbon footprint, minimizing your energy costs or looking to take back control of your building all together. Hysopt can calculate each factor and present you each option. All you need to do as a building owner is choose which one you prefer.

By working with a science-based digital twin, and thus looking at all the data, anomaly detection is much easier to do as well. We noticed that in this case, the most common complaint is comfort. As we are able to identify the cause of these discomforts, we can work these out and make sure they cannot recure. At the moment, we still do this manually, but we have clear goals on our roadmap to automate this and very real first steps in this evolution have been made.

Reimagine your installation in the Hysopt Digital Twin metaverse

Digital Twins are having a real moment and seeing the major advantages and insights it offers into a building, they are here to stay! Given the many different focuses a Digital Twin can have depending on the desired outcome of an organisation, a clear strategy and expert knowledge is crucial to focus Digital Twin technology to create optimal value.

In collaboration with our partners, the unique science based Hysopt Digital Twin Software can help you get the most out of your heating and cooling systems. We create transparency and agility.  Are the needs of your building changing? Then let’s re-evaluate your HVAC settings. The Hysopt Digital Twin wants you to be in control at all times! We reduce carbon emissions, lower energy costs, increase comfort, provide you with different choices, and give you back control.

Let’s talk! Get in touch, and let’s take some action to put you back in the science-based driver’s seat!

Creating digital life

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