How your company’s future can be nicer, but above all cheaper!

Every euro invested in the sustainability of your HVAC system will be earned back by you in less than 3 years.

How your company’s future can be nicer, but above all cheaper!
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You are paying way too much on your energy bill!

Reducing. That is what we all have to do to save our planet. Whether it is reducing food waste, plastic waste, reducing carbon emissions, or anything else, the message is clear. But have you ever considered the fact that reducing your energy bill, could automatically allow your company to save us from climate change?

Around 1/3 of the energy your HVAC consumes can be avoided. This massive wastage doesn’t just eat through your company’s funds but is also a big contributor to carbon emissions across the globe.

Time is money

When investing your money, you want to be assured of a decent return. By now the urge of climate consciousness is creeping up on us (if it is not, it should). Apart from the governmental pressure, investors are forcing companies to go green. Unfortunately, there is still a deep-rooted misconception that investing in sustainability will cost you an arm and a leg, and that the return on investment will take years and years before showing itself. This is simply false.  On top of this, a recent study from Zeronomics shows that nearly 64% of business leaders feel like there’s a lack of affordable alternative technologies to help them transition into more sustainable practices. Often times the simplest of solutions is staring you in the face and your HVAC system is likely one of them.

Few people are aware of just how much operational costs and CO2 emissions can be reduced by optimising HVAC systems. Even those who are, however, often don’t have the tools to do that. Too often, companies and commercial buildings end up with installations that are twice (we checked it!) as big as they need to be, thus far too expensive and polluting. And let’s be honest. In thisCOVID-19 era, every penny counts. That same Zeronomics study also illustrated that 52% of senior executives are postponing its net-zero transition in order to maximise revenues. But again, sustainability does not equal breaking the bank! Just take a look at your energy bill and listen to what its telling you.

It’s time to redesign your HVAC installations

Integration of low-carbon technologies made it even more complex and requires coordination and expertise. Adding new technologies and endless different components can make your heating- and cooling system a real head-scratcher. Mathematical calculations to correctly select and size components are made more complex and cause system-level problems to arise. Millions of calculations are needed to align all different HVAC system components, to optimise them. Until now, this task was almost impossible! Due to the lack of powerful tools to make the dynamic system transparent, designers often have their hands tied to a limited number of solutions. Their expertise and professional abilities were hindered by the mishmash that has become your HVAC installation.

Not anymore! Our Hysopt Optimisation Software can tackle this problem. Together with our partners, we make sure the initial design intent for optimising your heating and cooling systems is met with the actual system performances.  

We can help you make changes and save money whilst doing so. The fee is based on the effective capacity of the installation, which means it is all based on tangible facts and figures. Transparency is paramount to us. If you recognise the problem and you are wondering where all your energy budgets are going to, starting with your HVAC costs is the way to go. You will be reducing your CO2 emissions and doing your part in the fight against climate change at the same time.

You will be happy, the planet will be happy, and the investors will be happy!

How your company’s future can be nicer, but above all cheaper!

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