Validated by ISSO

The Hysopt software has been validated by ISSO. The report literally praises our software as a 'powerful tool for optimizing HVAC systems'.

Validated by ISSO
March 23, 2024
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We are proud to announce that the Hysopt software has been validated by ISSO.

ISSO is the Dutch knowledge institute for the installation sector, who provides the publications with standards and guidelines for the Dutch HVAC industry. The Hysopt software has been validated for different ISSO publications, namely publications 7 (Basics for heat and cold transport), 18 (Pipe network calculation), 44 and 47 (Hydraulic circuits for heating and cooling). The validation report literally praises the Hysopt software as a ‘powerful tool for optimizing HVAC systems‘.

The Hysopt software from the Belgian company of the same name is getting more and more users in the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. This software allows creating, analyzing and optimizing HVAC systems in a virtual environment before they are actually built or renovated. Ultimately, the computer model is delivered to the customer as a ‘Digital Twin’. The company philosophy is to align its software with local ‘best practices’ and standards. For the Netherlands, this means that the software must be in compliance with the ISSO publications.

Hysopt, a company that started as a spin-off from the University of Antwerp, created a mathematical model that describes all the applicable laws of nature that take place within an HVAC installation (thermal, hydraulic, energetic, control, dynamics).

“With this, we offer a unique calculation and simulation software that is indispensable in both conceptual and technical design,” says Kristof Smits, CTO of Hysopt.

The Hysopt software

Conceptual design means that the software can be used for dynamic simulations, predicting behavior and KPIs such as energy consumption, CO2 emissions, costs and comfort. With automated sensitivity studies, design parameters can be optimized, and Pareto analyses than allow for comparing alternatives and final choices being aligned with the customer’s wishes.

In the next step, technical design, the conceptual design is further refined. The software is used for automatic selection and optimization of system components (such as pumps, heat exchangers, control valves, etc.) including full calculation of the control settings. Hysopt also developed an integration with BIM to bring calculation and drawing software closer together in order to keep information flows up-to-date in both directions.

System-level design support

Hysopt addresses the demand for more design support at the ‘system level’ with its software. “Today we have very high-performing system components. The real challenges in modern HVAC designs now lie mainly in the way all these components are connected at the system level. All the more so because the systems are becoming increasingly complex, partly due to the integration of sustainable technologies, such as hybrid systems with heat pumps, solar panels, GSHP, etc. That is why we also provide a library of ‘proven concepts’ for such complex HVAC installations,” says Smits.

With different ISSO publications

To align the system and calculation complexity with the Dutch market, Hysopt has carried out extensive ISSO validation. The validation was carried out using the rules and principles from four different ISSO publications, namely publications 7 (Basics for heat and cold transport), 18 (Pipe network calculation), 44 and 47 (Hydraulic circuits for heating and cooling). The validation report literally praises the Hysopt software as a ‘powerful tool for optimizing HVAC systems’.

The validation has been carried out with a lot of quality and depth, says Smits, who is very happy about that. For the validation of the software, the composition of the networks, temperature control, the operation of the pumps, sufficient control provisions and dimensioning calculations were tested for completeness and accuracy. In addition, the partial load behavior was also looked at. Smits is also proud that Hysopt is the first validated software for the relevant ISSO publications. “It is important that we can support Dutch HVAC designers optimally in realizing sustainable HVAC systems.”

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March 23, 2024

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