Flamco products in the Hysopt software

Flamco starts collaborating with Hysopt to integrate their product lines in the Hysopt software.

Brian Vanheel
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Hysopt and Flamco are proud to announce that Flamco starts the cooperation with Hysopt and integrates its products in the Hysopt software, a unique design and optimisation software that helps building managers and installers to get the most out of their heating and cooling systems, and now with Flamco!

Why Flamco starts collaborating with Hysopt

At Flamco they understand the demands of the existing market. The construction industry is striving to reduce the cost of ownership, while improving on performance, comfort and reducing their building’s carbon footprint in an ever-changing environment. As architects’ visions and engineering designs become more complex to meet this need, they demand that every single internal component has a function that collectively will save energy, increase performance and add value.

‘We know, that without modern,digital instruments, it’s not so easy to achieve. That’s why we regard ourpartnership with Hysopt as a part of our strategy to co-create complete perfecthydronic systems, from Source to Emitter, with our clients, to ensure that ourproducts and services work seamlessly to achieve energy savings andsustainability to extend the life-cycle of the installation.’

During the first stage thefollowing product lines have been integrated in the Hysopt software:

  • The wide range of dynamic and static balancing valves NexusValve
  • The newest series of air and dirt separators
  • Interface stations LogoTherm for centralized and decentralised systems

Professional calculation of these products for heating and cooling applications significantly influences on system performance, allowing to get savings on energy consumption and increase life-circle of the buildings, Residential, Commercial or Industrial ones.

It’s only the beginning, and during the second stage we are going to implement the additional products, so we are inviting you to follow our news and updates.

Top quality products deserve a top quality optimisation

Kristof Smits, CTO at Hysopt, is very happy with the new partnership : “When you choose to work with a premium brand like Flamco, you choose for top quality products.With the Hysopt software, we ensure that these products end up in an optimised environment. Based on thermal and hydraulic behavior of the complete system, our software can automatically select the best suitable products for your system.The products are automatically adopted in the bill of materials, including article numbers and optimal presets. On top of that, Flamco provides an inspiration library in the software with templates of systems and subsystems based on their products.”

Brian Vanheel

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