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Hysopt is disrupting the HVAC industry at full tilt.

Roel Vandenbulcke

Scalable and stable software for decarbonising!  

Hysopt is disrupting the HVAC industry at full tilt. Last year we reduced 8151 tons of carbon emissions. Our software is our core, making billions of calculations daily – across Europe. Behind the state-of-the-art technology is a whole multidisciplinary team of engineers, physicists and software-developers to keep the solution running smoothly, easy-to-use, and highly innovative. A cloud-based software, updated every two weeks, combining four different disciplines.

What makes Hysopt tick?

At the core? Our software! The Hysopt project software, rooted in the PhD of our founder Roel Vandenbulcke, translates the world of physics into software. Real world behaviour of heating, cooling, water, air, metal, … is translated to a digital twin.  

Imagine your heating installation for your building. How do you translate the hydraulic and thermal behaviour to software? And how do you do this for larger buildings or heat networks, combining different types of production units in an energy- and cost-efficient manner? And how are you sure your installation will run as intended? Hysopt provides you the answers!  

Multidisciplinary & state-of-the-art

People often think: heating and cooling installations, what can be so difficult? In the end, we all turn on our heating installation, the room gets warm, and done. However, when heating or cooling larger buildings like hospitals and universities, things get complicated and disastrous mistakes are lurking.  

The world of physics, hydraulics and thermal dynamics gets into play. Thousands of factors all influence the final heating and cooling in your building. To heat a small building a myriad of systems are used, combining solar energy, water, gas, electricity, heat pumps, valves, … These components and the way to control them correctly are becoming more complex by day. Therefore, it’s not possible anymore to survey this complexity without software.

The combination of these factors, with the rising expectations of governments and building owners and the need for low carbon operations adds complexity to every heating and cooling installation.  

The combination of rising standards in energy efficiency, the need to decarbonise, remaining (or becoming) cost-efficient puts a lot of building owners for a huge challenge. Our software is exactly to solve this complexity.  

Our software combines 4 disciplines to design, simulate and optimise systems : HVAC, physics, mathematics and computer science. The laws of nature within HVAC components are

translated to fast mathematical algorithms, which are smartly hidden “under the hood” of the professional and easy-to-use user interface. No more rules of thumb but calculated real world scenario’s which give building owners control.  

To be able to do this on a daily basis, we work continuously on the optimisation of our software in the back end.

Biweekly updates to enable billions of calculations per day!

Calculating an HVAC-system takes billion calculations. Hundreds of users are doing this at the same time. As demand keeps growing, we need more computing power and stability. Our aim is to decarbonise as many buildings as possible, thus our software needs to enable scale in a stable manner.  

This long-term goal in mind we already started five years ago on AWS, the cloud solution provided by Amazon.  

Last month we made a huge improvement in our scaling abilities. We went from ‘static to fluid calculation power’.

“In our latest upgrade, we introduced fully automatic scaling abilities, allowing our virtualized software servers (so called “containers”) to continuously scale up and down to the needs of our users. In the mean while we also optimise our own energy usage.

As a user you will never notice this, and that is exactly the intention! That’s why we work all the time on a scalable, reliable and fast infrastructure” says Kristof Smits, CTO of Hysopt.

In the back end this update was a huge improvement in the scalability of our software solution. Although as a user you will never notice, these kinds of technical improvements happen all the time. Our goal is to continuously update our software, making sure we become better and better in helping you reach your decarbonisation targets.  

To enable this, we work in a two-weekly sprint and update. With our team of engineers, mathematicians and software developers we work in an agile, lean way.  

Hysopt, always innovating to help decarbonise buildings!  

We translate complexity to easy-to-use software, by bringing the world of physics, hydraulics and thermo dynamics together in a user-friendly cloud-based software.

Roel Vandenbulcke

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