SWEP heat exchangers in Hysopt Software

We are proud to announce that SWEP Heat Exchangers have now been integrated into the Hysopt software.

Brian Vanheel
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District Energy Systems

To meet the ambitious net-zero targets by 2050, there is a big role to play for heat networks. Stepping away from fossil fuels for heating, paves the path for district heating as a cost-effective way to decarbonise urban areas. Heat exchangers play a crucial role here to transfer heat from the heat network into our buildings.

Selecting an optimal heat exchanger is thereby of great importance. Optimising the design volume flow, return temperature and pressure drops has an immediate effect on the performance of the energy centre. With resulting benefits as a reduction in capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operating expenses (OPEX).

“Having our brazed plate heat exchangers in the Hysopt software will help our customers to design energy-efficient installations with minimal investment cost, in order to achieve increased sustainability and extend the life cycle of our installations,” said Christer Frennfelt, Business Development Manager at SWEP.“By using digital design tools such as Hysopt that transparently display the performance of a system at the design stage, we can work with our customers to create a complete system that performs optimally and delivers maximum CO2savings”.

Model Integration in the Hysopt Software

When integrating manufacturer-specific components, the correct physical parameters are pre-programmed into the Hysopt model. For each part in the SWEP catalogue the unique pressure drop, heat transfer coefficient, capacitance and thermal losses are implemented for optimum component selection and partial load analysis using dynamic simulations.

SWEP Component Selection

Hysopt designers are now able to select the SWEP heat exchangers within their digital model. The Hysopt software will automatically select the most optimum heat exchanger and also the hydraulic components of the entire system.

The components are automatically included in the item list, including item numbers and optimum pre-configurations.

With the SWEP catalogue a selection can be made from the desired range by using intuitive filtering.

SWEP catalogue in the Hysopt Software

Partial load analysis

With dynamic simulation, the Hysopt software can predict the dynamic behaviour of this installation in partial load such that the performance of a system becomes predictable and measurable, even before it is being installed. All the system parameters such as volume flows, temperatures, pressure drops and heat loads can be analyst in utmost detail.

HVAC specialists and engineering companies can quickly and easily evaluate system performance based on CO2emissions, annual energy cost, comfort, and investment cost. The “Hysopt ParetoAnalysis” provides insight into the evaluation at the touch of a button.

Dynamic behaviour of the SWEP heat exchanger in the Hysopt software

A sustainable product in an optimised system

Havid El Khaoui, Lead IndustryServices at Hysopt, is very pleased with the new partnership: “Having a partnership with a company that delivers a high-end product as the SWEP heat exchangers brings more value to the Hysopt software.

With the Hysopt software, we ensure that a high-end product such as the SWEP heat exchanger ends up in an optimised environment. This ensures that the entire system meets sustainable requirements.”

About SWEP


SWEP is the world’s leading supplier of compact brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHEs). These products are used where heat needs to be transferred efficiently in air conditioning, refrigeration, heating/cooling, and industrial applications.


Brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHE)are one of the most efficient ways to transfer heat and provide efficient, stable, and reliable performance in a robust and easily handled unit.

Designed to provide unparalleled performance with the lowest life-cycle cost, BPHE brings many advantages over other technologies, including savings in space, energy, and maintenance.


At SWEP, we believe in creating more from less. We are here to lead the conversion to sustainable energy usage in heat transfer, constantly creating more from less energy, material and space.

We constantly challenge efficiency:in the products we design, in the way we work, and in all our interactions. We use our expertise and innovativeness to create sustainable heating and cooling solutions that also give our customers a competitive edge.

Brian Vanheel

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